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Otoogi Jin Ramyun (Mild) 120g


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Ingredients : Noodles(106.8g) : Wheat Flour 61%, modified starch (potato, tapioca), Palm oil, potato starch, wheat gluten, salt, yeast extract, acidity regulator : E501, E452, Colour, E101. Soup powder(11g) : Salt, Sugar, Flavour enhancers : E621, E627, E631, Soy Sauce powder(soybean, wheat, salt), hydrolyzed vegetable protein(soy, wheat, corn), Red Chilli pepper, Soybean paste powder(soy,wheat), yeast extract powder, galic powder, palm oil powder, glucose, black pepper, dextrin, kelp extract powder(kelp, dextrin, salt), chilli extract. Dehydrated vegetabel mix(2.2g): Chinese Cabbage, Textured Vegetable protein(soy, Wheat), Carrot, Green onion, Shitake mushroom, Seaweed. Nutrition facts per 100g Energy 1760KJ/421kcal Fat 13g of which saturates 6.7g Carbohydrate 66g of which sugar 3.3g Protein 10g Salt 3.9g

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